Pruning Fire Ministries (PFM), widely known as Pruners House Int’l is one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

With her sole mission of Human engineering, through Mindset restructuring, Inspiration knowledge, Word depth, Prophetic, Worship, Prayer dimension and prosperity revelation she as a church have got the responsibility to raise men and women with a positive refined mind and heart.

Like the likes of Dunamis Int’l, Dominion City, Eternity Network Int’l, Salvation Ministries, House on the Rock, the Pruners House Int’l have been saddled with such a great vision of human engineering to help harness souls for kingdom Advancement.


* Pruners House Abuja

*Pruners House Lagos

*Pruners House Port Harcourt (PH-PH)

*Pruners House Calabar

* Pruners House London

*Pruners House USA

*Pruners House Ghana

*Pruners House Texas

* Pruners House Owerri

Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka is the senior pastor, Pruning Fire Ministries (Pruners House Int’l) with headquarters in Lagos.

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