About Us

About Pruners House


Pruners House Is an house for Human engineering, Mindset restructuring, inspiration knowledge, Word depth, Prophetic, Prayer dimensions, Worship, Economy, Prosperity, Capacities building and Values.

Pruners House News-Jetliner is an  online job, Scholarship, Health, Career, Investment, Religious search paper that publishes latest information on the above and other opportunities (business
opportunities) in Nigeria and worldwide. See thesishelp.net discounts

We also believe that it’s not just enough to change life, restore men to destiny, publish jobs, Scholarship, Health, Career and Investment that’s why we make available, relevant resources to help and guide everyone out there who seeks to better their career through our Human Engineering Coaching System.


Our Pruning Fire Ministry mission is to raise Pruners all around the world who will help harness destinies and direct targets appropriately.

Our societal mission is to crush unemployment, Lack of funding in Education, Lack of information, Investment errors and career confusions in Nigeria and globally  – in our own little way –  by consistently delivering relevant  information to our visitors/readers, exposing and fishing out fraudulent recruiters; guiding and
providing relevant resources/materials to applicants.

At Pruners House we are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also serve as guide to help us become the company we
would like to be.

  1. Integrity
  2. Simplicity
  3. Team Spirit

4 Prayers

To become the number one value community and website for soul rebranding, muse,  job seekers, Academic seekers, Health seekers, Career seeker, investors and everyone seeking opportunities Globally.

1. Human engineering
2. Mindset restructuring
3. Inspiration knowledge
4. Word depth
5. Prayer dimensions (Raising men/women of intercession)
6. Prophetic
7. Worship
8. Prosperity (Spiritual and Physical stability)
9. Capacities building (New discoveries)
10. Values (Impartation)

Other Alms of the Pruners House
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* Pruners Schools (Pruners-Brain Academy)
* Pruners Radio (Rain Fm)
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