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Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka is the CEO, PrunersTv, Award winning songs and books writer, The Chief Editor, NewsJetLiner, Int’l Human Engineer/Coach and the senior pastor, Pruning Fire Ministry (PFH) Aka; Pruners House Int’l

Pruner Onyeka is a devoted christian, a song writer, arranger, and singer. The Pruner has written and song many songs; like; Only You Can Save Me, Carry Me Along, You’re From Everlasting, Want To Have A Date With You etc, his songs are produced in his studio called PrunersKitchen.

Pruner Onyeka has written so many books, articles, devotionals which have changed so many life and drove many to career realization. His books like, Good morning doctor, Ward Round, Pruners Rhapsodies, Peace Of Mind, They Fought From Heaven, Depth & Dimensions and other devotionals are all very helpful for spiritual progress.

Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka also have too many life transforming audio messages for soul rebranding and inspiration produced by the PRUNERS VOICE. Messages like;

* CV verses CV

*Let Me Meet My Father

* Not Another Day With The Frogs

* Parbar your causeways

* Not Me Again

* Mercy Says No

* Throw Your weight Around and others.

* Meeting a man with grace.

* Not me again

* Evil circle

* Raise me the voice of mercy ETC.

We are also into impartation and mentorship schemes. Do well and by into our values.

Contact the Pruner help desk on 08155805465, 08038329066, 08063335086.

Email: prunershorse@gmail.com

Connect with our YouTube channel for videos of our Human engineering services and messages by subscribing to our channel on PrunersTv.

Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka is from Imo State Nigeria, from where is supervises the Pruners Household.

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