Pruning Fire Ministries

Pruning Fire Ministries (PFM)

The Pruning Fire Ministries popularly called THE PRUNERS HOUSE INT’L is one of the fastest growing worship house for Human engineering.

An in-house raised by God to prepare men and woman with a well restructured understanding through her human engineering vision. Raising Pruners all over the world with her 9-fold dimensions, Mindset restructuring, Inspiration knowledge, Word depth, Worship, Prophetic, Miraculous, Prosperity, Capacity creation and values enhancement.

In the Pruners House Int’l lives are transformed, destines restored, gifts given, faith reassured. We raise young men and women in our human engineering services by developing their values, rhapsodies and capacities through the Word depth.


3: WORD DEPTH: Deep insight into God’s Word.
4: WORSHIP: Inspired songs of worship & praises.
5: PROPHETIC: Deep revelation by prophecy.
6: MIRACULOUS: Time of healing and health.
7: PROSPERITY: Wealth creation and attainment.
8: CAPACITY CREATION: Discovering abilities.
9: VALUES ENHANCEMENT: Seminars, workshops…

The Pruners House Int’l is located in 8 major cities of Nigeria, and 6 cities in the world namely;
1: Pruners House Lagos
2: Pruners House Port Harcourt (PH-Ph)
3: Pruners House Owerri
4: Pruners House Abuja
5: Pruners House Calabar
6: Pruners House Enugu
7: Pruners House Onitsha
8: Pruners House Umuahia

1: Pruners House London
2: Pruners House South Africa
3: Pruners House Ghana
4: Pruners House USA
5: Pruners House Germany
6: Pruners House Austria

The Pruners House has over 5 alms through which she establishes the gospel of Christ.

1: PrunersTv: This is the Visual alm transmitting the grace of God to the globe.
2: PrunersStudio: The audio department.
3: NewsJetLiner: Magazine, Tracks, Newspapers section…
4: Pruners Brain Academy: The education alm
5: PrunersKitchen: Tapes, Videos CDs, Books publications

Pruners House Ministerial department includes;
1: The Pruners horses: The prayer/deliverance department.
2: Pruners Voices: The evangelical outreach
3: Pruners Choirs/Music: The worship band
4: Pruners Protocols
5: Pruners Army: The security and guide.

Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka, an award books writer, song writer and singer, international speaker, youth coach. A transformational leader, one with deep revelation, depths and dimensions. He is the senior pastor and founder of the Pruning Fire Ministries (Pruners House Int’l).

He holds 3 academic certifications in Medical science laboratory, Biology and Microbiology, and have written over 10 books, and songs and he also have over 37 audio messages to the glory of God.

(+234) 803 – 8329 – 066, (+234) 806 – 3335 – 086
WhatsApp: 08155805465

Pruners House Int’l, Raising Human engineers.

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