Pruners Heart Foundation (PHF)

Pruners Heart Foundation was born out of a sincere heart and passion. I met a youth who have longed stopped attending fellowship when i approached her to know why, after all exhortations & encouragement, she said…Sir, if you have watched me for a every long time, you’ll discover that i survive by grace. I really want to serve God, but my parents are poor, my needs are not met. I have only one clothes, and a bathroom slippers, I’d wore it to school, at home and church…and it’s fast wearing out. If i can clothes and perhaps, shoes, I’ll not miss out if fellowship.

For sometime, i was quite. Contrary to what i thought, here lays the incident.

A greater percentage of our rural students attend all class with just one book for all the subjects, lacking other learning logistics.

I was really troubled. Hmmm.

How do we encourage these brilliant futures, do we fold our alms and watch the needy go helpless. We can actually send a greater percentage back to fellowship, and many on the academic success by sowing a grin of love into there life.

Pruners Heart Foundation is a desire to be of help. This is a hand to assist carry our flowers to the desire heaven where they can survive (check the logo). We are not here to amass wealth to yourselves, but to help nurse values.

Join the PrunersT Heart Foundation today, send in your little help, advice, encouragement and prayers, as we’ll start moving from one home, church, school and social athletes to source for these flowers to assist.






By engaging them through our means of self discovery system, home visits, and school visits to ascertain there seriousness and rate of commitment, we can then establish our hearts of love to them.

Pruners as the name connotes means, a careful harvesters and helpers not possibly a personal name for personal interest, but collections of makes through participation.

Pruners Heart Foundation is simply a community of people with such a carefulness and heart to reaching out to the helpless, needy, and academic downtrodden.

This is purely non denominational organization on a self discovery mission, value reorientation, and capacity rebuilding and expansion.

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Call us for your help: +23480 3832 9066, or 08155805465

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