Global Impartation

Global Impartation is how you can actually RULE YOUR WORLD. The earth is 79% water covered and 21% land acquired…the little space left for us is over crowded, typically the survival of the most active.

Global impartation helps one utilize the little he has. The little space lift for cohabitation is too busy for normal things, they only way to scare people away in order to acquire more surrounding to invest your mental capacities and sale your values is by engaging yourself with extra-ordinary economy like never seen.

How did Elijah out of 3.9billion people stood out globally the only prophet among the nations? And kings don’t dare him!

How did virgin Mary among several virgins and 5 billion subscribers on the globe activities raise to a WOMAN AMONGST WOMEN acquiring trans-generation cum global effect till date.

How did out of 7.5billion world population, Jeff Bezos ($108.9 billion) had the highest net worth globally ?

How did Alia Sabur at age 19 became the world youngest collage professor? This is global intensive impossible puzzle made easy by devotion.

How do you rise your small brain community and make it a global brain community where you control destinies and values at the snap of your muse? keeping the world rolling to your direction is possible.

This earth is too heavy when you try to lift it to your head, but very light when you carry it to your abilities by seeing the globe as a function of thought. It takes deeper thought to solve a puzzle.

In this series we shall look extensively on how one can impact his world…Global impartation.

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