Anxious Helpers are those who never intended hurting you, they only wanted to save you but due to there naivety, and extreme uneasiness of mind they ended up causing you more harm than good.

At 2 Samuel 4:4, The moment the death news of King Saul & Jonathan his son broke out, a nurse who wanted to save Jonathan’s five year old child Mephibosheth, took the healthy child and headed for safety, but due to her mind unrest and uneasiness, the child fall off from her and broke his spinal cord, and became cripple till death.

ANXIOUS HELPERS are destiny destroyers in disguise. They intended good but ends up destroying there own labour.

After the death of your parents, that Uncle asked you to come over to his house and live, he actually intended helping you, but ended up messing up your life thru his carefree characters. He never gave you the supposed attention & training, now look at your life, worse than ever, anxious helpers.

He actually offered to assist you through your studies, but ended up impregnating you due to his uncontrollable sexual habit…anxious helper.

Just a harmless friendship turned you into a sex addict by an anxious helper. Your step mum knowing your academic brilliance sent you to learn trading in a bide to help you but ended up killing your education spirit due to her illiteracy, and now you can’t express your cash feelings.

Some barrenness today are as a result of wrong help, many harlots on the streets today are as a result of unmindful wardship. Our burial grounds today are filled with wasted destinies from ANXIOUS HELPERS who in the bide to assist ended up killing future leaders. Wrong drug administration and prescription have made many barren today in trying to save there life.

I PROPHESY!! O LORD!!! AM A CHILD OF DESTINY DELIVER ME AND MY KIND FROM ANXIOUS HELPERS….Let me not suffer for there carefree altitude in Jesus Name.
Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka

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