Prophets are the gift of God, but it’s efficiency is managed if it must last.

Let’s Talk About PROPHETS and TIME Management
Prophet, If you go to bed by 8pm and resurrects by 6am you did not go to sleep, YOU WERE DEAD, you didn’t wake up, you resurrected!

Prophet hear this, An active banker who struggles with his/her Mouka or Vita foam by 7am is a miscalculated priority, and would not last in banking profession.

Time discipline is a course in the prophetic office. If you only wake up when your sleeping MB has been exhausted you have been long sacked from the prophetic office, you’re only pretending.

If nobody felt your absence from 8pm till 6am as a prophet, YOUR DEMAND IS VERY LOW, that’s why your pocket is dry, low demand equals low income.

You can’t express power as a prophet when you don’t manage your time, NO EXCUSES. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE DREAM WORLD????? DO YOU GET PAID OVER THERE???

No matter how victorious you appear in the dream if you don’t translate it to our world here, nobody will value you…it’s called NIGHTMARE…. until you make it a DAYMARE, you’ll remain a nightmare to your generation. THE EARTH IS OUR AREA OF COVERAGE…spent more time here than in the dream if you must succeed.

For a street palp seller to meet with her daily target and maintain her customers you must be time conscious, you can’t eat your time and find it.

Grace doesn’t make you wake up early, training does. Grace is a sleeping dose, but time habit makes you use grace appropriately.

If you still go to bed by 8pm and struggles to wake up by 5am and you still want to be among the ranking prophets, YOU ARE A LIAR, GO AND START BARBING SALOON not ministry.

Rising early and speaking in tongues in CAPITAL LETTERS will sure make your day. Chante Halleluyah oyo’o, Halle chante halle halli…

Prophetic is an award of devotion par-time. Am a just a Lt.Gen.
Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka

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