A Woman

The Strength Of A Woman
A woman you’ve not married visits you, you give her food, drink, and make her feel comfortable. After you’ve married her, at your return from work she gives you food, drink and make you feel comfortable.

A woman is like a fertile ground, she multiplies back the attention/product you gave her.You open the door for her in courtship, she opens the door for you in marriage.
Some of the ways to maintain the strength of a Woman are;

* Don’t stop dating her even after wedding.
* Don’t stop befriending her.
* Keep investing into her life until she gets to love elastic limit were she can receive no more.

When a woman gets to her love elastic limit for you she becomes forever indebted to you. She will automatically come to the end of herself for you, then your wish become not only her command but also her life style.

When you take that relationship to the next level of marriage, then will other demands of marriage arouse.

The Demands Of Marriage
Ruth said to her mother in-law Naomi, your people shall be my people, Your God shall be my God, Where you die, I shall die (Ruth 1:16).
The very moment you accepted to marry him, his people automatically becomes your people. If he is from Yoruba, you should automatically develop love for Yoruba activities. You’ll start dressing like them, like their kind of food, house and life style. The way you took your own people, should be the same way you will take his own people.
Secondly, His God shall become your God. Not his church, but his God. If you marry an Idol worshipper, get ready to become a priestess. If your husband worshipper Ikenga, his god shall be your god by the reason of that Union. But if he serves the true living God, you should also admit his God. Don’t marry any woman who is not ready to worship what you worship. You can’t love a man whose God you hate. You can’t convince me that you love me when my God you have rejected. If you are a christian and your husband is an idol worshipper, WAR.
Lastly, where he dies is where you should die. It means, his stand should be your stand. His decision should be your command. Stand with him even in the face of death, no matter what happens, don’t leave him unsupported. If condition take him down to the village, go with him. If his church transfers him to desert, go with him. If in sickness, assist him.
Marriage is not just a union, it’s a movement. Fable legs, young bones can’t take the journey of marriage. Sometimes, it leads to the valley of the shadow of death, sometimes, it changes your name from Naomi to Marah.

Prayer: O Lord, give me the e grace to attain my Obed in marriage.

Pruner Onyeka O Onyeka

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