Baal Prophets and Elijah
Elijah told the prophets of Baal to get as much water as possible and pour on the sacrifice… the same Elijah had seized the rain & dew from falling in Israel for three and half years. The question is WHERE DID HE EXPECT THEM TO GET WATER FROM? HOW WERE THEY ABLE TO GET THE EXCESS WATER THE POURED ON THE ALTER?????
Elijah case with Baal prophets have been defined in so many ways but here is what the Holy Spirit whispered to my mind of light. Hear It!!

Elijah contest between Baal worshippers is not a personal battle, it was a national case which involved the Office of the presidency and the first lady.

Ahab who was the king and Jezebel the first lady were all Baal faithfuls. The Israel government then was hijacked by Baal worshippers as the leading religion. For you to gain any political position you must first covert to Baal.
So the federal government released fund to fight the prophet. The moment he demanded water…the presidency ordered the Israel Water Board Commision to supply water. Government didn’t run out of water…the Israel Water Commision (IWC) have the responsibilities of storing water, so they supplied water in excess to ensure that the Prophet hadn’t any excuse.
So Elijah was not just fighting a religious outfit but also the political arm WHICH TWO ARE THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS IN THE WORLD FOR A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.
The hardest battle ever is when Political power and Religious power is fighting a prophet, IS ONLY GOD THAT CAN INTERVENE.
Elijah indeed was a mighty prophet who defeated the political big wings and the religious authorities. The Anti-Christ shall be using the religious and political arms to fight the church but as God intervened on Carmel, He has equipped us his prophets to stand and won likewise.

Prayer: Turn the peoples heart unto yourself by fire O Lord.

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